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TV Series (Mediatheque Only) - Extended Deadline: September 25, 2015.

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Film, Video, Audio and New Media

Submissions for film, video, audio and new media to the 2015 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival are now closed.

For submissions inquiries, please contact

2016 Deadlines: Free Deadline: May 15, 2016 / Late Deadline ($25 fee): June 1, 2016.




The imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival is an international festival that celebrates the latest works by Indigenous peoples on the forefront of innovation in film, video, new media and radio. Each October, the Festival presents a selection of the most compelling and distinctive Indigenous works from around the globe. The Festival's screenings, panel discussions, industry initiatives, and cultural events attract and connect filmmakers, media artists, programmers, buyers, and industry professionals. The works accepted reflect the diversity of the world's Indigenous nations and illustrate the vitality and excellence of our art and culture in contemporary media.

imagineNATIVE considers film, video, radio and new media works made by Canadian and international Indigenous artists.

To be eligible, an Indigenous person (ie. self-identified as Indigenous, Aboriginal or First Peoples and their descendents) must have held a key creative role on the project as a writer, director, or producer. The content of the film/video can be universal

Indigenous communities, First Peoples, and Aboriginal nations are those that are self-identified as having a historical continuity with societies that developed on recognized territories before colonization or transformation of that region into a nation-state and may consider themselves distinct (with often unique cultural, linguistic, traditional, social and other characteristics) from other sectors of the societies or nation-states now prevailing on those territories.

Priority is given to works that have not yet been broadcast in Canada or over the Internet. International and Canadian premiere status is also a consideration. Made-for-television films and documentaries are eligible for submission (consideration will be to given to their broadcast status). Music videos are eligible for submission to the Festival, regardless of their Canadian broadcast status. Episodic television series (dramatic or documentary), news reports, extended reportage, television magazine formats, and information programming or segments (such as PSAs) are not eligible for programming consideration. However, episodic television series (dramatic and documentary) led and produced by Indigenous production companies are eligible to submit their work to the Mediatheque only. Please visit under Artists>Submit Your Work for Guidelines and Submission Forms.

Selection criteria for the imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival is based on:

  • Artistic excellence;
  • Innovation in representations, content, aesthetic form and genre;
  • Relevance of the work to the Indigenous community and to general Canadian audiences as a whole:
  • Relevance of the piece in terms of form and content, with consideration to emerging themes and issues that present themselves during the programming process, which create an artistic framework for the overall programme
  • A key member of the creative team (director, writer, producer) must self-identify as Indigenous.

Please contact for more information or visit for our mandate, artistic and programming policies


  1. imagineNATIVE exhibits Indigenous-made works only (ie. an Indigenous person must have held a key creative role on the project as a writer, director, or producer).
  2. Films must have been completed on or after January 1, 2013.
  3. All non-English language films must have English subtitles for final viewing and English transcripts for the programmers.
  4. Preview screeners and exhibition masters must have no commercial blacks or broadcaster promos.
  5. Each film must have its own screening copy and submission form. Compilations will not be accepted.
  6. The post-mark deadline for late submissions is June 1, 2015, but if your work is not ready for the deadline and you wish it to be considered for this years Festival, please contact immediately.
  7. Read the submission instructions carefully before submitting.
  8. Incomplete Submission Forms will not be processed.


imagineNATIVE is working towards a completely digital submission process (i.e. No DVD submissions). Please have your work ready and available online via digital, downloadable, password-protected link (Vimeo preferred).

  1. There is no submission fee for films submitted online and received post-marked by May 15, 2015. Late submissions past May 15, 2015 and until the June 1, 2015  deadline are subject to a $25 CAD processing fee and forms can only be submitted online with a valid credit card via PayPal. See online submission form for full instructions. If you have a film that you would like to submit, but will not be completed by the late deadline, please notify immediately.
  2. Fill-out a Submission Form by providing requested information below and submission materials listed in the "Submission Checklist" in the submission form.
  3. For mailed submissions, label your package FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES FESTIVAL PREVIEW ONLY NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. Do not value the package any higher than $5 Canadian.
  4. For DVD-only submission packages, send to:
    Attn: Submissions
    imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival
    401 Richmond Street West, Suite 349
    Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 3A8

Please note:

  • imagineNATIVE will not pay customs duties, cash on delivery or any other charges incurred during shipping, and will return the package to the sender.
  • Do not send submissions in fibre-filled envelopes as the dust can damage discs and viewing equipment.
  • Preview DVDs will not be returned unless specifically requested and a self-addressed envelope with Canadian postage is provided, after the Festival.
  • There is a separate form to submit TV series, new media and radio works. Please visit under Artists>Submit Your Work to receive the applicable form.
  • Participants will be notified by email of the selection results by end of August (date approximate).
  • If selected, artist/screening fees are issued to the Indigenous creative as indicated on the Submission Form, or to a recognized distribution company. Awards will be given to the Indigenous creative.
  • If selected for the festival, exhibition copies must be sent in by September 11, 2015.