Oct 22 9:15AM-10:15AM (Artscape Sandbox)
TBC – imagineNATIVE Instiute is proud to present Directing: from Film to TV. A panel discussion focusing on the tr (…)
Oct 22 1:30PM-3:30PM (Artscape Sandbox)
The imagineNATIVE Institute has year round professional development opportunities designed for Indigenous creatives in t (…)
Oct 22-23 10:30PM-12:30AM (Artscape Sandbox)
Growing an Industry part 2 is a continuation of Growing an Industry part 1, that took place on Day 1 of Industry Days. T (…)
Oct 22 9:00AM-10:15AM (Artscape Sandbox)
Oct 22 5:45PM-6:45PM (TBLB 4)
Oct 24-30 (Virtual)
For a long, long time, perhaps since the dawn of time, the Pasvik Sami managed their small borderless area in harmony wi (…)
Oct 19 9:15PM-10:30PM (TBLB 3)
Oct 22 8:15 PM-9:30 PM (TBLB 4)
Oct 24-30 (Virtual)
Shorts Program
Just as Grandmother Moon cares for us, this program illuminates the care-taking women do as grannies, mothers, daughters (…)
Oct 22 9:00PM-10:20PM (TBLB 3)
Oct 24-30 (Virtual)
Shorts Program
Time travellers and celestial voyagers beware! We are going on a journey to the dark side of Indigenous cinema, with a c (…)
Oct 22 5:30PM-7:11PM (TBLB 3)
Oct 24-30 (Virtual)
Shorts Program
For Pasifika (Pacific Islanders), the popular adage “Water is Life,” takes on a deeper meaning: The Great Ocean is t (…)
Oct 22 3:00PM-4:04PM (TBLB 3)
Oct 24-30 (Virtual)
Shorts Program
This program centres on visualizing Arctic land and life, featuring films from the circumpolar region. From Inuit creati (…)
Oct 22 8:00PM-9:25PM (TBLB 1)
Joy Higgins — a survivor of domestic abuse — invites her friend Carmen Bazzoli on an Indigenous-led women’s weeken (…)