A Drive to Top Surgery

Raven Two Feathers | Cherokee, Seneca, Cayuga, Comanche
USA | 2019 | 360

We ride as a fly on the rearview mirror with a young trans person and their family, as they make the drive from their home to surgery. This imminently life changing moment is surrounded by the anxieties and love of a family recognizing a young person coming into adulthood, on their terms. From street racing signs on the side of the road, to the oft spotted older South Asian lady out on her mid-afternoon walk, the miniscule details of bonding over a neighborhood whizz by. The tension of an almost present reality ticks by in this single take experience.

Raven Two Feathers (Cherokee, Seneca, Cayuga, Comanche) (he/they) is a Two Spirit Emmy award winning creator based in Seattle, WA. Originally from New Mexico, they spent their childhood moving and exploring Indigenous cultures across the continent and Pacific. They returned to New Mexico to attend Santa Fe University of Art & Design, graduating magna cum laude with a BFA in Film Production. They recently released a comic-based zine, “Qualifications of Being,” about their journey of realizing they are trans and Two Spirit. They grow and explore their practice through the people they meet, and the stories that guide them.

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