Art Crawl

imagineNATIVE’s Art Crawl is a guided evening of insightful and dynamic art from around the world. A non-stop hour of visual art, performances, curator talks, and special surprises from some of Tkaronto’s best galleries for the first time virtually!
Artistic Director, Niki Little will guide the evening stopping at each gallery where the work will be introduced by the curator or artists and will feature short insights into the whole exhibition. Exhibitions can be viewed online in the iNdigital space for free and in person as indicated by each gallery. 
A Space Gallery
Sāmoan Hxstories, Screens and Intimacies | Hxstoires, écrans et intimités samoans
Tufuga ō Measina | Artists | Artistes
Chantal Fraser, Yuki Kihara,  Jason Edward Lewis, Dan Taulapapa McMullin,
Angela Tiatia, Lani Tupu with|avec Lisa Taouma
Leoleo ō Measina | Curator | Commissaire Dr·e Léuli Eshrāghi
Sāmoan Hxstories, Screens and Intimacies | Hxstoires, écrans et intimités samoans  features rarely seen works from 1995-2013 centred on faʻafafine (akin to Two-Spirit) transfeminine experience and navigating cultural belonging despite colonial displacement and trauma. 
Medicine And Magic
Thirza Cuthand
Curator Ariel Smith
Curated with Ariel Smith, Medicine And Magic is a new dual-channel video installation created by Cree artist Thirza Cuthand. Cuthand pulls from her own familial history to connect two separate incidents which occurred over 100 years and 6,000 km apart. A story about the artist’s great-great-grandfather being doctored with bear medicine is juxtaposed with that of a Scottish woman who was executed for purportedly practising witchcraft. Correlations are drawn between the Christian colonial violence which sought to repress traditional Cree medicine and that which burned women at the stake.
Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Constellations of Kin
Elisa Harkins | Nicole Neidhardt | Whess Harman
Curator Eli Hirtle

Kinship systems are fluid in nature, composed of constellations of non-human and human relations across boundaries of space and time. Each artist in this exhibition, Arielle Twist, Elisa Harkins, Nicole Neidhardt, and Whess Harman, engage with the concept of what kinship means to them and how the care, connection and safety within these systems guide them in imagining futures where we are held in our collective worlds.
Trinity Square Video
This moment an endurance to the end forever
Tanya Lukin Linklater with Sassa Linklater and Tobi Linklater
This moment an endurance to the end forever is an exhibition shaped in the living room of Tanya Lukin Linklater: an ever-shifting space that has witnessed gatherings of Omaskeko Cree families of North Bay and performances by Indigenous women and now acts as a shared studio space for the artist and her two children. As a site for the transmission of Indigenous knowledge, this space holds a history of making work with children and sharing Indigenous knowledge of treaties through their connections to land, ancestors and future generations.

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