Chatham Islanders

Rēkohu / Chatham Island / Wharekauri. Three peoples one land. The Chatham Island archipelago is 45 minutes ahead and 800 kilometres east of Aotearoa, New Zealand. The first place in the world to see the sun. The land and the sea and the people are ruggedly beautiful. The islands history is rich, it’s colourful, and it’s dark.

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Presented as Part Of Program 9 – Mothership II

Lyed Corn with Ash (Wa’kenenhstóhare’)

Made completely in Kanien’kéha, an endangered language, discover this traditional process of washing or pro...
2 min | Candace Maracle
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Seed Mother: Coming Home

“Seed Mother: Coming Home” is a poetic embodiment of the Indigenous Seed Rematration movement. Across Turt...
7 min | Rowen White, Mateo Hinojosa
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lii bufloo aen loo kishkishiw (buffalo wolf memory)

lii bufloo aen loo kishkishiw (buffalo wolf memory) honours the memory of the “buffalo wolves,” al...
5 min | Dianne Ouellette
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Our Ways

Four (4) badass Indians embark on a moose hide tanning journey in the urban jungle. As their worldviews intert...
9 min | Amanda Lickers (Seneca), Autumn Angelique Godwin (Cree)
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Salmon Reflection

Salmon are the lifeblood of the communities they feed and support. Salmon Reflection provides a portal into an...
4 min | Anna Hoover
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The Politics of Toheroa Soup

The Politics of Toheroa Soup is Tiana Trego Hall’s personal story of her whānau and their traditional kai, ...
9 min | Tiana Trego Hall
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Pili Ka Moʻo

The Fukumitsu ʻOhana (family) of Hakipuʻu are Native Hawaiian taro farmers and keepers of this generational ...
14 min | Justyn Ah Chong
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