Crappy Home Designer

Dallas Flett-Wapash | Keeseekoose First Nations
CAN | 2021 | Video Game
All ages

Crappy Home Designer is a First-Person, short parody of the Animal Crossing series. The latter offers financial and commandeering privileges in the form of unlimited loan times, and controlling who lives where; magical powers earned through the game’s initial real-world price tag.

Crappy Home Designer aims to poke fun at these powers as a free game, where bills have to be paid, and control of the world is handled by a Narrator. Decorate your house, make some friends, and, above all else, make some BELLS!

Dallas Flett-Wapash is an Ininew/Seaulteax digital artist working with video game design, expanded reality, and interactive technologies. His practice is an ongoing reconstruction of his cultural identity–cosmology, culture, language, and lifestyle–using video game aesthetics.

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