Feyentuafiyiñ Bafkence Kimvn is an act of reciprocal communication between gvbamtucefe (those who give advice) and pvcikece (children), one in which we treasure the words spoken by the wind, the trees, the hills, the stones, the ocean’s waves… Listening to nature is one of the ways that we communicate as Mapuche Bafkence. This is why we carry out jejipun, communication with the energies of the earth, an act that achieves reciprocity, peace and wellbeing. This is how we create kimvn (knowledge) and feyentun (spirituality), allowing us to resist and to defend the earth from the transgressions she suffers.

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Presented as Part Of Program 1 – Little Stars

A Morning with Aroha

Aroha wants to share her creativity with her neighbours. Her imaginations come to life for everyone to enjoy....
11 min | Nicholas Riini | English | In person: Open Captions | Online: Closed Captions
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First Time Home

Through a mixture of Spanish, Triqui, and English, they got to know their grandparents, aunts and uncles. In t...
29 min | Noemi Librado-Sanchez, Esmirna Librado, Heriberto Ventura, Esmeralda Ventura | English and Spanish
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Kikino Kids

From the imagination of Kikino youth, follow the story of rebellious friends, star crossed lovers, and brave e...
14 min | Barry Bilinsky
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Manu Masters

MANU MASTERS is a coming-of-age comedy inspired by films like the Last Dragon and the original Karate Kid. Man...
18 min | Te Waiarangi Ratana
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Proowa (Yucca)

Rita is an 18 year old girl who sees many problems in her community, so she decides to be a candidate for the ...
6 min | Stefany Mendinueta
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The Voyager’s Legacy

The Dawn Raids of 1974-76 were a time when the New Zealand Police were instructed by the government to enter h...
10 min | Bailey Poching
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Hi, my name is Lilliana

Hi, My Name is Lilliana is my first film and a little recap of my life so far as well as where I’m headi...
4 min | Lilliana Rice
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Tsiiyééł (Hair Bun)

A Diné (Navajo) teenager is feeling down. She decides to go on a run wearing her Tsiiyééł, a traditional D...
1 min | Austin Jimmy , Shanique Yazzie, Hailee Bekis | Navajo
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