fire in the water, fire in the sky

Tia has always survived – but in turn she has forgotten how to dance.

Sisters Tia and Ina are far from home. Tia is steadfast and protective of free-spirited Ina. Tia is focused on each labouring job ahead of them. Phone calls home to their family a reminder of why they must continue. Ina is wild, carefree, her spirit only slightly dampened by the push and focus of Tia.

The younger sister brightens when her want to play, to dance, is encouraged by the keeper of the house, Tee. A friend to both sisters and a safe haven for them too, Tee struggles with the reality of their situation.

A story of migration, ‘fire in the water, fire in the sky’ has been called a ‘cinematic statement’ inspired by climate change.

From Te Moana-nui-a-kiva – the South Pacific Ocean – and told in Cook Islands Māori & English. An award winning short film by Mīria George.

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Presented as Part Of Program 11 – Aurora Australis

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