Matuna, the shadow of the warrior

Matuna is a beautiful, layered journey that transits between the spirit world and the present day Wiwa homeland plagued by decades of Colombian armed conflict. Invoking protection through both the earth and the ancient story of Matuna, young Shemaku incites his own heroic journey.

Director: Rafael Roberto Mojica Gil (Wiwa)
Producer: Saúl Gil Nakoguí (Wiwa)
Colombia | 2020 | 25 min
Dʉmʉna w English Subtitles | Dramatic Short
World Premiere 

Availability: Ontario
Content Warnings: violence, bloodletting, torture, mutilation or criminal activity, course language

Rafael Roberto Mojica Gil is an award-winning Wiwa director, cameraman, and founder of Bunkuaneyuman Colectivo Wiwa, whose work fosters Wiwa culture, community, and resilience.

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