Mo’ui Faingata’a (Brutal Lives)

The moving story of a fallen hero who returns home after twenty years to face both his past and the ancient spirit who is coming to collect on a family curse.

In this first ever bilingual, English/Tongan language drama series (which is also the film shown here), former prize-fighter, Soane “The Shark” Valu, reluctantly returns to South Auckland to bury his beloved father. A ghost of the man he once was and haunted by the vengeful spirit of an ancestor warrior, Soane struggles to overcome his great shame and regain the acceptance of his now adult children. Further complicating matters, the spirit of his late father has warned that the curse is headed for Soane’s daughter, so he must try everything to protect her. Following in her father’s footsteps, though wanting nothing to do with him, Lupe is on the verge of a defining boxing match that brings all to a head.

Director/Writer: Vela Manusaute (Niuean/Sāmoan)
Producer/Writer: Sandra Kailahi (Tongan)
Aotearoa (New Zealand) | 2021 | 64 min
English/Tongan w English Subtitles | Dramatic Feature
Canadian Premiere

Availability: Canada

Content Warnings: None

Vela Manusaute (Niuean/New Zealander) is an award-winning writer, director, playwright, and performer. He is also one of the directors in the acclaimed Teine Sā contemporary horror series based on supernatural legends from across the Pacific Islands.

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