Nasa Yuwe, La Lengua Madre (Nasa Yuwe, The Mother Tongue)

Nasa Yuwe, La Lengua Madre (Nasa Yuwe, The Mother Tongue)

Yaid Bolaños (Nasa)/Mateo Leguizamón | Colombia | 2019 | 7 min

Nasa Yuwe w English Subtitles | Short Documentary

Yaid Bolaños, a native anthropologist and a professor of native tongue, wants to tell, in an experimental way, the importance of preserving Nasa Yuwe, his native language, in a complicated social context, where Nasa customs are being affected due to migration and the cultural clash created trying survive in a globalized world.

A native Nasa from Cauca with a Master in Social Anthropology. With a career in cultural and political investigation and scriptwriting within a museological and curatorial contexts, and audiovisual creations, Yaid has participated in Intercultural and Self-Education projects and the strengthening of political and organizational processes of the native communities of Colombia.

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