Program 6 – Milky Way

This program explores our relationship to Spirit World by delving into how we grieve and mourn the loss of a loved one. Death looms in heavy and humorous ways in this program, illuminating that often there are a range of ways we cope with loss. And while Death is a universal experience, it is one that often has the power to bring families together.

Virtual Availability:
Disconnected – In Person Only
Giving Up The Ghost – Canada Only
Good Grief – Worldwide
Night – North America Only
The Fire – Canada Only
Tooly – Canada Only

Tickets are subject to availability, even to package holders, so make sure to book your tickets early! We have limited capacity due to COVID-19 safety restrictions in most venues. We appreciate your understanding.

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Playing as part of this program


The dust of war keeps the eyes sleepless. Night brings peace and sleep to all the people in the broken town. O...
16 min | Ahmad Saleh | Arabic | English and French
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The Fire

Colin & Marie are mourning the loss of their father/husband Bruce. But tonight he comes to visit Colin in ...
6 min | Roger Boyer
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Good Grief

REBECCA, an Indigenous woman arrives at her childhood family home after receiving news that her grandmother ha...
15 min | Stefany Mathias
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A young Indigenous girl who is absorbed in the modern world learns of a soft spiritual rain called Tooly, the ...
10 min | Karla Hart
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When a construction worker from South Auckland loses the last connection he has with his dead Mum, he spirals ...
17 min | Maruia Jensen | Open Captions
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He Takatāpui Ahau

Blayke is out and proud in their everyday community, and would like to be able to be their authentic self at t...
11 min | Alesha Ahdar
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Giving Up The Ghost

Tony, a quiet history teacher, and Margaret, a kuia poltergeist, have been sharing a run-down whare on the ‘...
21 min | Libby Hakaraia , Kiel McNaughton
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