Rangi Tuwhera

Kat Lintott | Māori, Dave Whitehead | Māori
New Zealand | 2021 | VR
All ages

Rangi Tuwhera Open Sky offers a glimpse into the world of Taonga Pūoro or traditional Māori instruments. We have a virtual encounter with a real pūtōrino and can examine the detailed carving on it created by master carver Sir Brian Flintoff. In the experience we are surrounded by Matai trees from whose wood the pūtōrino is made and are in the presence of Hine Raukatauri the Atua (goddess) of music, while the pūtōrino story unfolds around us. We share this treasure with the world by joining traditional skills with contemporary technology.

Kat Lintott (Ngāi Tahu) is passionate about using new technology and creative platforms to empower people in the real world and have a positive impact on themselves and their community.

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