Sky Aelans

Created by a collective of filmmakers from the Solomon Islands, Sky Aelans poetically shares imagery of community and land, looking at decades of logging that have drastically changed the landscape and lifestyle of their home. Now, the last untouched forest of the country is at risk of being lost. The Indigenous communities who live in the high mountain forests, known locally as the Sky Aelans or Sky Islands, are the last guardians of these sacred spaces. This film is a reflection and celebration of the vital bond that these communities have with their Sky Aelans.
Director: Daniel Kakadi – Solomon Islander, Edward Manuga – New Guinean/Solomon Islander, Georgianna Lepping – Solomon Islander, Jeremy Gwao – Solomon Islander, Junior Patrick Kauha Maka – Solomon Islander, Mannar Levo – Solomon Islander, Neil Nuia – Solomon Islander, Regina Lepping – Solomon Islander, Zahiyd Namo – Solomon Islander
Executive Producer: Tracy Rector – Choctaw
Solomon Islands | 2020 | 6 min
English ǀ Short Documentary
Canadian Premiere
Daniel Kakadi is a Solomon Islander. He is a freelance photographer and filmmaker. His passion and focus are in telling the stories and the beauty of the environment and the culture in the Solomons and to advocate for change in his country.
Edward Manuga is a Papua New Guinean/Solomon Islander based in Honiara, Solomon Islands. He is a passionate self-taught videographer and photographer.
Georgianna “Jojo” Lepping (Solomon Islander) is a filmmaker, activist, writer and freelance media maker based in the Solomon Islands.
Jeremy Gwao is a proud Solomon Islander. He is a young journalist with a vivid passion for photojournalism and filmmaking. He is recognized as one of the British Council’s Top 100 Young Journalists Worldwide.
Junior Patrick Kauha Maka hails from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. He is a freelance photographer. Junior uses his passion for photography to tell stories and to advocate about issues in Melanesia that often go unheard in order to make a change.
Mannar Levo is the lead cinematographer and editor. His work centres on advocacy for the environment and culture in his community. He is
the director of photography for Sky Aelans. Neil Nuia is a creative director for Dreamcast Art Hub in the Solomon Islands. Neil is a photographer,
film producer and the founder of the PhotoUp Newlooks and OneMoreShot initiatives.
Regina Lepping (Solomon Islander) is an actor, youth advocate, filmmaker and activist. Regina co-founded the Honiara Film Club, an initiative that brought to light issues of gender-based violence in the Solomon Islands.
Zahiyd Namo is a photographer/filmmaker from the Solomon Islands. His work is inspired by everyday island life, telling authentic life stories of Pacific peoples through photography and film.

Access Available: Canada
Content Warning: 13+ Contains some nudity

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