Solo el mar nos separa | فقط البحر بيننا (Only the Ocean Between Us)

Two Syrian women in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan, and two Indigenous, Shipibo-Konibo women in Lima, Peru, correspond through film diaries, forming connections and friendship. They are separated by a vast distance but find ways to be close through sharing stories of motherhood, displacement, and their everyday lives. They learn about each other’s cultures and traditions while connecting through an understanding of living through displacement and uncertainty. Moving back and forth between scenes of the women talking on video chat and scenes of their homes, communities, families, and lives, Solo el mar nos separa shares beautiful moments of intimacies.

Director: Christy Cauper Silvano (Shipibo-Konibo), Karoli Bautista Pizarro (Shipibo/Konibo), Khaldiya Amer Ali, Marah Mohammad Alkhateeb

Peru/Jordan/USA | 2021 | 81 min
Spanish/Arabic/Shipibo w English subtitles | Documentary Feature 

Availability: Canada
Content Warnings: None

Christy Cauper Silvano is a Shipibo-Konibo photographer, filmmaker, and cultural practitioner living in Cantagallo, Lima, Peru.

Karoli Bautista Pizarro is a Shipibo-Konibo filmmaker, cultural practitioner, and activist living in Cantagallo, Lima, Peru. 

Khaldiya Amer Ali is a Syrian filmmaker living in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan.

Marah Mohammad Alkhateeb is a Syrian filmmaker living in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Jordan.

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