Tell Me A Story: A Multi-Generational Film Program

“Tell Me A Story: A Multi-generational Film Program” asks families to circle round for a series of stories, both new and old. Today the kinship circle may gather around a screen and not a fire to hear these tales but the sense of connection that runs through the thread of generations is not lost.
Directors: Phyllis Grant, Darryl Nepinak, Amber Twoyoungmen, Kes Lefthand, Winona Bearshield, Christiana Latham, Tristan Craig, Dustinn Craig, Darlene Naponse, Amanda Strong, Zacharias Kunuk, Sarah Houle, Dennis Jackson, Rhayne Vermette, Aibillie Idlout, Michael Napatuq, Crystal Dawn Morris, Tarek Metallaoui, Doug Cuthand, Caroline Monnet, Cara Mumford, Landon Moise
Curator: Jenny Western
Supported by:

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