The Lost Lemon Mine

In the spring of 1870 the two prospectors Blackjack & Lemon leave Montana in search of fortune in the Canadian Rockies. One night, after finding their big catch of gold, the two men get into a heated argument about whether to stay and mine or head back to Fort Standoff and stake their claim. The argument leads to the murder of Blackjack at the hands of Lemon. The gruesome event is witnessed by two Stoney Braves who report the incident to their leader Chief Bearspaw. The chief orders the men to return to the site and wipe it clean of any evidence that a murder or the discovery of gold had ever happened. Lemon returns to civilization where he confesses to the murder and is sentenced to hang. The two Stoney Braves were sworn to secrecy. Over the years many parties have searched for the lost Lemon mine to no avail. It is believed that the great grandson of Chief Jacob Bearspaw took the secret of the location’s site to his grave.
Director: Cody Lefthand – Stoney Nakoda/Tsuu T’ina Diné

Content Warning: None

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