The Lost Crystals of Jessica’s Room

Precedes Seven Ridges (Weak Things). 10 year old Lisa and her cousin Jimmy play a treasure hunting game where they have to journey through the dangerous lands of their backyard, battling blood thirsty hounds and dangerous fields of doublegee prickles to find the missing crystals. The crystals have been taken from Lisa’s big sister’s room. When Lisa’s sister and her boyfriend come home arguing, Lisa and Jimmy realise the crystals are something important. Lisa tries to figure out a way to fix everything without getting into too much trouble, ultimately realising that she can’t always fix adult problems and she just needs to be the kids she is. Availability – North America Only

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Cerro Saturno

Precedes Powerful Chief. A mountain range in fog and snow. Human absence, ancient sacred places. Traces appear...
13 min | Miguel Hilari | In person: Open Captions | Online: Closed Captions
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Diiyeghan naii Taii Tr’eedaa

Preceding Stellar. A grandfather teaches his granddaughter, a young Gwich’in mother named Alisha, how re...
6 min | Princess Daazhraii Johnson | In person: Open Captions | Online: Closed Captions
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Exploring the Treaty Relationship

Precedes Six Strings and We Are Still Here. Michelle Sylliboy (Mi’kmaw/L’nu), Leigh Gillam (settler), Jess...
6 min | Michelle Sylliboy, Antoinette Karuna, Leigh Gillam, Jessica Mensch
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The Brylcreem Boys

Precedes Broken Angel / MaaShwaKan MaNiTo. As her family watches an old 60’s musical film, Kara is surprised...
14 min | Rafer Rautjoki
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Precedes Kaatohkitopii: The Horse He Never Rode. A tipi wonders about its purpose in modern life, and shows th...
13 min | Jarret Twoyoungmen
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The Original Shareholder Experience

Precedes Imagining the Indian: The Fight Against Native American Mascoting. An Indigenous telepresenter conten...
13 min | Petyr Xyst
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waawiyebii’ige: She Draws a Circle

Precedes Bring Her Home. She Draws a Circle reflects on the work of generations of women to interrupt cycles o...
4 min | Jaime Black
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Precedes Rosie. Zaagidiwin reflects on our relationship with nature and the way in which we love one another. ...
23 min | Denise Bolduc
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