Thousands of Bushels of Corn

Waylon Wilson | Tuscarora Nation
Haudenosaunee | 2021 | Video Game 
All ages

In 1779, President George Washington ordered a scorched earth campaign against the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. The campaign destroyed vast quantities of vegetables, forty towns, and thousands of bushels of corn. This genocide displaced several Haudenosaunee communities, including the Cayuga Nation from their homelands surrounding Cayuga Lake. 250 years later, the Cayuga return, and as a Tuscarora artist/student studying in Cayuga territories, I explore how my research as an Indigenous video game maker can offer accountability and reciprocity to Cayuga people, language and culture. This doc examines this history while exploring a contemporary Haudenosaunee visualization of the destruction of the Sullivan-Clinton Expedition.

Waylon Wilson is a citizen of the Tuscarora Nation focused on re-storying Indigenous history and issues in multiple media platforms. As a digital media artist, he is relocating Indigenous place-based knowledge as mobile, virtual environments, laser-cut fabrications, and quirky animations. He builds interactive, intergenerational digital spaces for elder and youth play. His current research interests examine the intersections of Indigenous storytelling, documentary filmmaking, cinema techniques, and video game strategies.

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