Ya Tseen (Back in That Time) feat. Qacung

“The time is now. To my people, I come before you. My cousin once said to me to follow her dance as I sing my song, up upon for all our people. Now as we are doing this, they try to steal this knowledge. We will never forget. To my people, I come before you. Back in that time. The time is now. Let’s do this.”

Director/Producer: Raven Chacon (Diné)
USA | 2021 | 2 min
Yup’ik | Music Video 

Availability: Worldwide

Content Warnings: None

Raven Chacon is a Diné composer, performer, and installation artist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is known as a composer of chamber music as well as a performer of experimental noise music.

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