Mandate + Values

Inspiring and connecting communities through original Indigenous film + media arts.


imagineNATIVE presents new and innovative film, video, audio, and digital media works. Programming includes annual retrospectives, curated programs, community screenings and presentations of both groundbreaking and legacy works to a wide audience.

imagineNATIVE plays an important role in the dissemination and export of Indigenous works by promoting and exhibiting artists’ films, videos, audio, and digital media artworks to Canadian and international festivals, markets, distributors, and broadcasters, and by facilitating sales and acquisitions.

imagineNATIVE provides Indigenous filmmakers, media artists, and curators with professional development and networking opportunities.

Mission Statement

imagineNATIVE showcases, promotes, and celebrates Canadian and international Indigenous filmmakers and media artists. imagineNATIVE is committed to a greater understanding by audiences of Indigenous peoples, cultures, and artistic expressions.


imagineNATIVE respects the integrity and intention of Indigenous artists, and supports the artistic visions and perspectives of Indigenous artists working in the media arts.

imagineNATIVE acknowledges, promotes, and respects cultural protocols.

imagineNATIVE values, acknowledges, and respects diversity and strives towards dispelling stereotypical notions of Indigenous peoples through diverse media presentations from within our communities.

Fair Processes

imagineNATIVE is committed to a fair and democratic selection process. Decisions are made by consensus, with considerable thought and discussion. We are an open organization that appreciates feedback on our processes from our community.

imagineNATIVE is respectful, caring, and fair in all of our dealings.

Do No Harm

imagineNATIVE strives towards an ethic of “do no harm.” This means ensuring funding and resource decisions will contemplate how and if companies exploit Indigenous communities or territory.

This ethic also applies to the organization’s daily operations with staff, stakeholders, and the public. Due to the traumatic effects of colonization, a foreign and polarizing problem known as “lateral violence” has become commonplace in communities, organizations, and society today. imagineNATIVE adopts a “zero tolerance of lateral violence” policy, and by extension, models healthy behaviour and responds in compassion and solidarity without enabling lateral violence or allowing it to continue.


imagineNATIVE values excellence. We strive for excellence by creating a sustainable and accountable organization, ensuring our processes are both professional and transparent and developing harmonious working relationships guided by our shared values.