List of Awards

We are excited to celebrate Indigenous achievement in film + media arts with generous support from our partners and individual donors. The imagineNATIVE Awards Presentation showcases the selection of exceptional works from each year’s Festival.

Recognizing and celebrating Indigenous works shows the world the talent our community has. It’s paramount we celebrate stories told from the First Peoples point of view, not just stories from an outsider’s “First Person” point of view.

I will never forget the first time I saw Qaggiq by Zacharias Kunuk, Norman Cohn, and Isuma in 1989. I had never seen anything like it before, never seen with such clarity what it is like to live in the North, never experienced a work that was made with a whole community’s involvement. These were unique voices and as I came to know more Indigenous works and more voices, it was clear they had to be brought into the spotlight. That is what awards do: they shine a light on artists we did not know before. Afterwards, we seek out their next work and tell others. Awards count.


Innovation in Storytelling Award

with support from Kent Monkman and Sobeys

The Original Shareholder Experience

 Petyr Xyst

Animated Short Award

with support from Blue Ant Media


William Cayapur Delgado

Documentary Short Award

with support from TVO

First Time Home

Noemi Librado-Sanchez, Esmirna Librado, Esmeralda Ventura, Heriberto Ventura

Documentary Feature Award

with support from CBC

Šaamšiǩ – Great Grandmothers Hat

 Anstein Mikkelsen, Harry Johansen

Narrative Audio Award


Stolen: The Search for Jermain  

Connie Walker

New Artist in Digital + Interactive


with support from Indigenous Screen Office



 Keara & Caeleigh Lightning

Digital + Interactive Award

with support from Indigenous Screen Office


This is Not a Ceremony

 Colin Van Loon

Indigenous Language Production Awards

with support from Indigenous Media Initiatives and Cineplex


Ritchie Norman Hemphill

New Voice in Storytelling Award

with support from Humber College 

Proowa (Yucca)

 Stefany Mendinueta

Sun Jury Award

with support from DGC


 Ahmad Saleh

Moon Jury Award

with support from DGC

Kikino Kids 

Barry Bilinsky

Live Action Short Award

with support from Vtape and Jason Ryle


Roxann Karonhiarokwas Whitebean

Dramatic Feature Award

with support from Telefilm Canada

We Are Still Here 

Danielle MacLean, Beck Cole, Richard Curtis, Chantelle Burgoyne, Tracey Rigney, Dena Curtis, Tim Worrall, Renae Maihi, Miki Magasiva, Mario Gaoa

The August Schellenberg Award of Excellence

with support from ACTRA

Gary Farmer

Experimental Audio Award



 Brydon King

Audience Choice Feature Award

with support Shutterstock


Gail Maurice

Audience Choice Short Award

with support from BMO

Braided Together

Victoria Anderson-Gardner & Kyle Schmalenberg