Tour Program

2022 imagineNATIVE TOUR

The imagineNATIVE Tour is one of imagineNATIVE’s largest initiatives outside of our annual festival. Every year, the imagineNATIVE Tour brings Indigenous-made film and video works as well as community engagement activities to communities across Turtle Island (Canada). After each festival, imagineNATIVE curates a selection of Indigenous works from across Canada that will be featured as part of the upcoming imagineNATIVE tour programs. The tour programs encompass a short film focus, a documentary film focus and a dramatic film focus.

Since 2021, we have offered guest-curated tour programs from the 2020 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival for public bookings. Two guest-curated programs included in the 2021 tour program, Retrospective: Thirza Cuthand Less Lethal Fetishes and Écrans autochtones: A Francophone Indigenous Focus Screening, will be featured once again during our 2022 tour.

COVID-19 restrictions have impacted our preferred presentation method for screenings and our ability to accommodate in-person screenings at this time. imagineNATIVE utilizes Elevent for an online ticketing system and our online platform,, to facilitate the imagineNATIVE tour stops.

Once a program is selected by your organization, you can complete a Booking Form and we will do our best to coordinate schedules. The form should be completed two weeks before your desired event. If you have any questions or concerns please connect with our tour coordinator at

Please note that as proud supporters of Indigenous artists, we charge screening fees that go directly to the artist for their work. However, we have been happy to negotiate screening fees with Indigenous communities, organizations, institutions and youth programs in the past.

We are excited to offer the imagineNATIVE Tour Brochure this year in an Accessible PDF Format for all our viewers!


Take a look at the imagineNATIVE Tour Programs for our 2022 season below.

Program 1A

Animation Short Films Focus

2020-2021 | 53 min
English | CAN
All Ages

A dynamic selection of 7 animated short films created by Indigenous filmmakers, presented at the 2021 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. This program is geared towards diversity, inclusion, reconciliation, and learning about the land and its people.

Program 1B

Reclaiming Short Films Focus

2020-2021 | 53 min
English | CAN
All Ages

A dynamic selection of 5 short films created by Indigenous filmmakers, presented at the 2021 imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival. This program narrates the transfer of knowledge, reclaiming identity, and embracing the strength in spirit!

Program 2

Documentary Film Focus

2020-2021 | 53 min
English | CAN
All Ages

Kímmapiiyipitssini: The Meaning of Empathy follows filmmaker Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers (Blackfoot/Sámi) as she creates an intimate portrait of her community and the impacts of the substance use and overdose epidemic. Witness the change brought by community members with substance-use disorders, first responders, and medical professionals as they strive for harm reduction in the Kainai First Nation.

Program 3

Dramatic Film Focus

2020-2021 | 53 min
English | CAN
All Ages

Run Woman Run by Zoe Hopkins (Heiltsuk/Mohawk) focuses on Beck, a single mom, who suffers a health scare and begins seeing visions of a ghost, runner Tom Longboat, who works to inspire her to get healthy. We follow Beck, as she takes a journey to reclaim her health, family, and language, all centred around her goal to run a marathon dedicated to the love of her family, herself, and her culture. This journey is emotional and powerful. Beck is a character who is easy to root for.


Take a look at the guest-curated tour programs offered for our 2022 season below. Please note both of the following guest-curated programs were also featured in our 2021 Tour Program.

Program 1A

Less Lethal Fetishes
Retrospective: Thirza Cuthand

1999-2019 | 49 min
English | CAN
Mature Audiences
Essay available (Eng)

Released over the past 20 years, the featured works present Cuthand’s voice and body prominently as both subject and object while taking up with and scrutinizing themes of queer Indigenous identity, madness, kink, and colonialism.

Curator: Ariel Smith

Program 1B

Écrans autochtones
A Francophone Indigenous Focus Screening

2015-2019 | 84 min
English/French | CAN/Great Ocean
Young/Mature Audiences
Essay available (Fr/Eng)

Featuring 11 compelling works from francophone Indigenous communities across Turtle Island and the Great Ocean, Écrans autochtones reveals the strengthening of connections, languages, and cultural practices despite colonial divisions and violences.

Curators: Dr. Léuli Eshrāghi, Mylène Guay


Pricing of the programs offered as part of the 2022 imagineNATIVE Tour is listed below.

Program 1-50 Audience Members 51-150 Audience Members 151-300 Audience Members 301-500 Audience Members

Program 1A





Program 1B





Program 2





Program 3





Program 4





Program 5





These fees include artist fees, platform streaming fees and administration fees. Please note you must book dates at least two weeks in advance.


To book a 2022 imagineNATIVE Tour Program please fill out our Booking Form.

For additional information, please contact our tour coordinator at or call us at 416-585-2333 x 108.

The 2022 imagineNATIVE Tour was made possible with support of the Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council. Miigwetch to all of our tour sponsors, partners and supporters across Turtle Island.