Inky Pinky Ponky

Lisa (Amanaki Faletau-Prescott), a young fakaleiti (3rd Spirit), has ambitions beyond her seemingly small world and dreams of being her school’s Queen of the Ball. It won’t be an easy road, but as she deals with her mother’s rejection of her identity and the open bigotry she faces at her high school, she never loses sight of who she is or what she wants. After her romance with Mose (JP Foliaki), the school’s rugby captain, is targeted by her fellow classmates, tensions rise as Lisa bravely refuses to not be true to who she is, and more importantly, who she wants to be.

In Inky Pinky Ponky, co-directors Damon Fepulea’i and Ramon Te Wake form a portrait of hope, pride, and persistence in the face of intolerance. Anchored on a magnetic performance by Faletau-Prescott, Te Wake and Fepulea’i bring us into Lisa’s world, a reality of pain and joy, and show that the latter will always win out.

Co-presented by 2 Spirited People of the First Nations.

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