Short Film Program 8: Into the Unknown

Futuristic technologies blurring the lines of reality, apocalyptic events, alien abductions, mythological creatures and portals into other worlds; these shorts expand the realms of possibility. Films included: Memories, Ta’i, Home, Starbound, Do Digital Curanderas Use Eggs In Their Limpias?, N’xaxaitkw, and Katele (mudskipper).

Co-presented by Blood in the Snow Film Festival.


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Presented in Multiple Parts

Katele (Mudskipper)

Martha, an Indigenous woman works tirelessly in a laundromat loading machines and folding washing, ready for t...
13 min | John Harvey | Australia | North America Premiere | Kalaw Kawaw Ya, English
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Robin’s mind is full of her memories and experiences and is home to a figure of her consciousness who makes ...
4 min | Adriel (Strenneth) Rosenfeldt | Canada | Ontario Premiere | No Dialogue
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Disaster strikes Kikino during the annual baseball extravaganza, forcing those that can to bunker down. Local ...
17 min | Barry Bilinsky | Canada | Ontario Premiere | Cree, English
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Starbound is a short sci-fi/ family drama that explores the return of eight year old Billy Campbell after bein...
11 min | Madison Thomas | Canada | World Premiere | English
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Do Digital Curanderas Use Eggs In Their Limpias?

A struggling Latinx healer considers abandoning the physical world for promises of a digital utopia....
13 min | Roberto Fatal | USA | Toronto Premiere | English, Spanish
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After moving to a new town, a teenager must navigate peer pressure when her next-door neighbour convinces her ...
16 min | Asia Youngman | Canada | English
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3 min | Mii Taokia | Cook Islands | World Premiere | English
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