A “pandemic dream film,” inspired by the work of Elise Paschen. This film mirrors itself as rich soundscapes play over vast landscapes, creating a lonely tension between the visible and the invisible.

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Presented as Part Of Short Film Program 9: From Land to Water

Baigal Nuur – Lake Baikal

The formation and history of Lake Baikal in Siberia are re-imagined with hand-made animation, featuring the vo...
9 min | Alisi Telengut | Canada | Ontario Premiere | Buryat-Mongolian
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NudityAn experimental examination of threshold states. Moving through deep space time in underwater realms, mi...
5 min | Moe Clark, Victoria Hunt, James Brown | Canada | Toronto Premiere | Cree, Māori
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Drumohre is the language of the first that lived here. The more days go by, the less they speak it. Here you n...
3 min | Armando López Castañeda | Mexico | Canadian Premiere | Drumoreh (Fictional Language)
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The Golden Age

A morality tale for adults played out as an allegory to the loss of connection between humans and animals, and...
20 min | Bawaadan Collective, Yuma Hester | Canada | Toronto Premiere | English
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Ajá (Water)

An exploration and reinterpretation of the chontal people’s mystic ceremony of rain pleading. ...
5 min | Dennis Noel López Sosa | Mexico | Canadian Premiere | Spanish
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Documentation of time spent stewarding the ReSistering/Queering Place garden on the Niwa'ah onega'haih'ih/Kobe...
3 min | Zephyr McKenna | Canada | World Premiere | English
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