Unborn Biru

A desperate Sámi widow steals silver from a dead body, in order to survive and feed her daughter and unborn child. But the silver is cursed, and it has consequences for all of them.

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Presented as Part Of Short Film Program 7: Witching Hour

Dear Stephen King, instead of using Indian Burial Grounds in your books, have you thought of using European Burial Grounds?

An open letter to Stephen King asking him why he's so scared of Native American people....
1 min | Joey Clift | USA | English
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Inspired by the power of nature, Skádja is a queer story from Sápmi about regaining freedom and autonomy....
17 min | Eili Bråstad | Norway | Northern Sámi, English
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22 min | Evgeny Nikolaev | Russian Federation | North American Premiere | Yakut
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