Video Games

Welcome to the 2023 Official Selection page for video games! Step into a world where imagination knows no bounds. Fire up the arcade machine and press play!

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Artist: Mitchell Johns (Mohawk)

Canada | 2023

English | Video Game


SkoBots: Language Revitalization Robots

Artist: Danielle Boyer (Ojibwe)

USA | 2022

Anishinaabemowin, English | Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robot Installation

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Lay pijedá, nuestro pueblo (My people, my town)

Artist: Dennis Noel López Sosa (Chontal), Marilut Castro Sosa (Chontal)

Mexico | 2022

Chontal | Video Game

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Hill Agency: PURITY&decay

Artist: Meagan Irene Byrne (Métis)

Canada | 2023

Cree, English | Video Game