Short Film Program 4: Staying Vigilant

Sometimes when injustices happen we have to take things into our own hands. Those moments that give us a heightened sense of awareness of what is going on around us are no accident. Stay proactive, stay vocal, stay vigilant. Films included: Redlights, To Be Silent, and No Māori Allowed.


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Presented in Multiple Parts


A woman vigilantly trails the cops who pick her friend up after a night out. She doesn’t know where they are...
14 min | Eva Thomas | Canada | English
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To Be Silent

A personal story about the subtle ways in which racism can show itself in the workplace, and a lesson in trust...
19 min | Tace Stevens | Australia | Toronto Premiere | English
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No Māori Allowed

44 min | Corinna Hunziker | New Zealand | North America Premiere | Māori, English
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